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Our downtown location in San Diego offers two unique indoor dog parks for your dog to socialize and play during the day.  Dogs are grouped according to size and energy level, and always supervised by one of our trained staff members.  We provide a variety of exercise options and activities to ensure that your dog has a fabulous day.  This includes excursion walks around Little Italy and other adventures.

Requirements and First-Steps
For new customers, we need to collect some information to help us better care for your dogs.  Please register yourself, your dogs, and any delegates here.  You may also register at Hairy & Merry.  Please bring certificates of vaccination for Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP.

Because we have multiple dog play areas and the ability to give a dog a time-out, we don’t require a temperament test or meet and greet ahead of time.  Once your registered, you can just show up.

A Play-Care Day at Hairy & Merry Includes:

7am: “Time to Play!” – Drop-off, sniff, run, play, sniff, tug, chew, sniff, repeat!

Morning: “Walks and Play” – Enjoy the sites and smells around Little Italy.  Dogs are walked by trainers using a two-point, harness system for safety.  Dogs not walking can run around with their size group, nap in the dog houses, or play with toys.

12pm: “Lunch” – Lunch is provided by request.  Dogs enjoy their meals in a private cafe setting.

Afternoon: “Walks, Naps, and Play” – Sleeping dogs get to lie about and rest up for their next adventure!

7pm: “Pick-Up” – Happy dogs get to return home after a fun day with their friends at Hairy & Merry.

After Hours: “Extras” – We’re open until 8pm so you still have time to pick up that food you need, or to give a self-wash bath before bed.  We also have private Overnight Care Studios and Suites to extend the fun to tomorrow.

Important Information:

1. Dogs must register at for Play-Care.  You can register at home, or at Hairy & Merry.

2. Dogs must have their DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccinations, but don’t worry — we can get them from your vet for you.

3. You’re more than welcome to tour Hairy & Merry before your first visit, but we don’t require a special meeting.  Our trainers know how to introduce new dogs into our pack safely, and with our private Time-Out areas, and separate play rooms, we make sure the play never gets too rough (or “Ruff!”).