Origummi Dog Toy by Kurgo – Dog


Give your dog he will love to chew more then your shoes with the Origummi Dog Toy by Kurgo!

Stuffable treat pocket
Dishwasher safe
Durable and adorable
Why We Love It:

When your pup is bored with everything in his toy bin, and starts resorting back to chewing your shoes.. we suggest you fulfill your dog’s inner sensi with the Kurgo OriGummi. As our wacky new take on your average chew toy; this will really get Fido going. Made from a rugged nontoxic plastic it has a central compartment for endless hours of hidden treat entertainment, making it way more irresistible than those shoes of yours. The unique edges are modeled after real origami design, and are gentle on the gums and teeth helping to brush away plaque even during play time.

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Additional Information

Dimensions 7 x 1 x 4.5 in