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Pet Safety Statement

Pet Safety Policy and Statement

At Hairy & Merry, there is nothing more important than the safety and security of the animals in our care.  Here are descriptions of just a few key things we do to ensure your pets are always in good hands when they are with us.

Pet Requirements & Registration
Dogs left in our care for either Play-Care or Overnight care must be registered with us or via our website.  We ask for various pieces of information about both you, the owner, and your pets.  Some of this information, such as your email and phone number is to identify you.  We ask for information such as your place of employment in the event we need to reach you in an emergency.  We ask for data about your pets such as the dates of certain vaccinations for health and safety.

Delegate Pickup
We understand that pet owners may not always be available to pick-up their pets from Play-Care or Overnight Care.  We also understand that some owners and families share custody of their animals.  We allow owners to designate Delegates to pick-up pets on their behalf.  Delegates must be registered with our trainers at the time of drop-off.  We will only release a pet from our care to the registered owner or one of his or her registered delegates.

No Visitors at Play-Care
Only our trainers and employees will be with your pets during Play-Care.  Non-employees may not enter our secured playroom nor have access to our food or water supplies.  We know it’s tempting to want to join in on the fun, but for everyone’s safety that’s not allowed.

Double-Connection Leashing and Full-Harnesses for Walks
A big part of Play-Care involves your dog getting to explore Little Italy with new friends.  Our trainers take dogs for walks on a rotating basis.  No more than four dogs are walked simultaneously per trainer so that he or she can give your dog adequate attention and care.  All dogs that leave our playroom are secured with two leashes, attached to the trainer to two separate locations on his or her body.   One leash is attached to the dog’s collar and the second to one of Hairy & Merry’s full-harnesses.  This guarantees that dogs cannot escape, run-away, or pull free from their trainer.

Full-Duplex Video Monitoring
Our Kettner Arts location is equipped with state-of-the-art security cameras.  Some of these you might notice, and some of these you probably will not.  In addition to day and night video, our cameras are recording high-quality audio streams of all voices or barks.

Environmental Controls and Alarms
Our facility uses several automated controls to both regulate our environment and react if something is amiss.  This includes the basics like temperature and fire detection, but we take it a step further and monitor humidity, ambient odor, and spills.

Employee Identification and Uniforms
You always know who is responsible for your pets at Hairy & Merry, by name.  Every one in our pack wears our uniform and has his or her name on a name tag.  This helps dogs, with their limited eyesight identify easier with their human trainers and serves as a comfort factor to you that a trained professional is caring for your pet.