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New Products from EnduraPet

EnduraPet is a Colorado company specializing in cutting edge natural supplements for dogs and cats. Pets across the country are benefitting from EnduraPet’s chewable formulas, which include Mobility Plus, Immune Support and Calming Plus and Daily Multi. EnduraPet also offers a fantastic herbal ear wash which is a favorite of dogs groomed at Hairy & Merry.

If you have tried natural supplements for arthritis, hip dysplasia, luxating patellas or other orthopedic concerns and would like to see better results, we encourage you to give Mobility Plus a try. If you are concerned about your pet’s immune system, Immune Support is a must. How about nervous pets? Calming Plus could be just the ticket. All of EnduraPet’s formulas are safe for dogs as well as cats. Most pets like the taste (EnduraPet uses a vegetable based beef and cheese flavoring in their chewable supplements) and the tablets can be given like treats or crushed easily into a powder and mixed with wet food for more suspicious eaters.

“One of our passions has been to provide foster care for hospice pets from local shelters and rescue groups. Because we choose to work with senior or terminally ill pets, we credit these foster pets for revealing the need for improved ingredients and ingredient safety in pet products,” says Katie Jockers, owner of EnduraPet. “Just because a product is labeled ‘natural,’ doesn’t always mean it is safe. We do not include anything in our formulas which would exclude pets from benefitting from our supplements.”

EnduraPet meticulously sources their chosen raw materials, tests them for purity and active ingredient concentration, then blends safely and effectively in small batches in a FDA approved facility with a clinical nutritionist and a veterinarian on staff. Katie from EnduraPet says, “We designed our formulas for our beloved fur family and they take them every day. You can rest assured that your pet’s health and safety is second to none”.

For detailed ingredient information, and to learn more about how each ingredient in EnduraPet’s lineup works, please stop in at Hairy & Merry.